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Swagat is a popular house-hold name in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 25 years. Swagat chain serves fabulous vegetarian , non-vegetarian Indian style food and Indian sweets and Andhra pickles.

Swagat pickles are a rich treasure house of Andhra home cooked pickles and offers "Gongura pachaadi","Avakaya pachaadi","Dosakaya pachaadi" and other wonderful side delights for a great meal. Swagat pickles is a popular on-line destination because it is all about adding right ingredients at the right time, cooking to right texture in the traditional utensils and pots, to get the right taste.

Swagat sweets is a destination for a great tradition of rich and delicious products such as "Bobbatlu","Kajas","Gavvalu" and other delights that taste buds for customers from all age-groups.

Swagat restaurants is popular home for traditional south and north Indian dishes such as "Dosa","Idli","Vaada","Naan","Chiken biryani","Mutton biryani"," Malai kofta" and various varieties.


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